Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I Don't Understand...

-People who complain about Utah but still live here. Nobody is stopping you from leaving.
-When someone texts you, you text them right back, and they don't answer. Why did you even text me in the first place?
-How radios work. Crazy stuff.
-Why guys would want to have long hair. You boys look so cute with short hair.
-How people can like spicy food. Not tasty, torture.
-How watches work. Boggles my mind.
-Tongue rings. Ouch!
-How to play Madden. I try so hard.
-Name droppers. Nobody cares. I mean really.
-Why are pretzels shaped so oddly. Stick pretzels make sense to me, I just don't get the pretzel shaped pretzels.
-Card tricks. They get me every time.