Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet the Wilsons

Dinner at the Wilson house is just not dinner until my dad throws down a bet.  Best known as "The Bruce Bet". On this particular day Amie came to dinner.  I could tell what was about to go down just as soon as my dad  started to say "Amie... how much do you like rolls?".  The bet: Amie stuffing four dinner rolls into her mouth.  The stakes: A milkshake for Amie and I.   I  have never seen Amie turn down a milkshake so, of course, the bet was on. As Amie was stuffing her face it became very apparent that four rolls would result in one of us having to give her the heimlich.  Not wanting Amie's parents to forever hate us for killing their daughter, my dad lowered the number of rolls to three.