Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Human Hamster Ball

Last time Cole and I were in Costco, we weren't even in the store for more than 30 seconds when we saw a giant human hamster ball.  Immediately we grabbed one for each of us and continued on our way.

It wasn't until last week that we actually pulled  them out.  We had tried to a couple months earlier, we thew them in Kevins truck  and took them down to the closest gas station only to discover that we couldn't blow them up because the nozzle wouldn't fit.  We jumped in the bed of Kevs truck and headed home...or so we thought.  Kev had other ideas in mind.  He took us off roading.

After we had the beegeeezes scared right out of us he took us home.  

(Pictures soon to come)

Anyways last week we finally pulled them out.  Spencer had an air compressor so we were set.  So Me Nicole, Spencer, Lauren and Jalise headed out.

We took them to the park by Oak Hollow and next thing ya know we were rolling all over the place.

It was the best $30 I ever spent until mine popped, partially. 

Spence thought it would be fun to jump in...
...and then came Nicole

Surprisingly none of us got hurt (other than Spencer bouncing off the ground and landing on his neck).  After we had had our fun we packed up our Hamster Balls in Nicoles convertible and drove home.  And yes we did get a lot of weird stares. 

                                                               Wednesday May 11, 2011