Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink Snot

Pink Snot.
Normally I would be concerned, but considering I went to Hare Krishna Festival of Colors this weekend I don't think I will loose any sleep over it. I will admit I wasn't too excited to go this year. I had been to two of the previous years and I felt like I had had my share of powder thrown in my face.

First Year
Second Year

Over the years of going to Hare Krishna I had learned a few things...
1. Be very selective of when you open your mouth. I learned this one from Mason...
Ames, Justin, Mason

2. Crowd surfing is a bad idea. You will get dropped every time. On your head. Melia said she would get a picture of it but I really don't think I was up long enough for that to happen so this picture is all I got...

3. You can easily get lost in the crowd.

So with the third year there was a whole new set of lessons to learn...

It was a long walk from where we parked so about 1/4 of the way to the temple I started to get sick of walking. I spotted a truck and asked the driver if I could jump in the back. Thank goodness my bopsy twin, Nicole, was right there with me jumpin in on some random truck.

DuRk-A- DuRh. 
Bopsy 1 and Bopsy A. 
(Because with us there are no seconds.)

After awhile we decided that the truck wasn't going all that much faster than our friends, who were walking! So we jumped out.

Finally after walking forever we made it to the temple. The festival was fun and I am proud to say that I didn't get any powder in my eyes or mouth AND I didn't get dropped on my head. So far so good.

Anyways we had fun and decided to leave when it started to get really cold. As learned in previous years, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Somehow our group got separated and it ended up being just me and Jalise. We figured that walking was for suckers and quickly jumped in the trunk of some random guys car.

They were super nice, we became fast friends, and they invited us to one of their shows at the Velour before dropping us off at our car. Thank goodness our car was unlocked because the other half of our group had the keys. Once reunited we decided that there was no better way to end our day than with a big juicy cheeseburger at Carls Jr.

Now that is what I call a productive Saturday.

March 26, 2011