Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing Less Than A Fairy Tale.

Too many times we as girls lock ourselves away in a high tower waiting around for our prince to come save us, instead of getting out of the tower and making something of ourselves. Our focus becomes linear and we miss out on the outside world, all the beauty that awaits us outside the castle walls. You know that quote? The on that says" for guys love is one chapter, but for girls it is the whole book"? I use to live my life this way, only my book was empty and leaving me feeling worthless and alone. When my prince didn't show I would sit in my tower staring up at the ceiling, tormenting myself, wondering what I was doing that was so wrong. But that's just it, that was my problem. I was living my life as if the only thing that mattered was to find my prince. Then one day I got tired of capturing frogs. Left with only slime and regret I decided that the concrete walls had to come down. I realized that no prince is going to want to slay a dragon for a princess who has been doing nothing but waiting around in a tower twiddling her thumbs, and lip locking some slippery amphibian. As I stood amongst the rubble, the dust settled and my vision had never been so clear. You write your own story and it is up to you to make everyday nothing less than a fairy tale.

-Lindsey Wilson