Friday, April 15, 2011

Lindsey Conquers NYC

When I think of my trip to NYC I think of three things...

1. Food
All of our plans revolved around food.  I do have to say that I had the best food that I have ever had in my life while I was in New York.  They had everything from cupcakes, fortune cookies, sandwiches, and frozen hot chocolate all of which were as big as your face.  Come to think of it pretty much everything was as big as your face and tasted like it was made by the gods. 
Dylans Candy Bar did a good job putting me in a sugar coma

Michael & Siri took us to Serendipity for some huge frozen hot chocolate

2. Walking
Nicole and I walked everywhere.  We only managed to get lost a couple of times.  The first was when we ended up wandering around for about an hour because we couldn't find Siris apartment. After walking for quite a while we ended up calling Siri who told us to immediately turn around and head in the opposite direction that we were going.  She called back 15 minutes later, and thanks to me, we ended up being in the exact same spot we were in when she first called, don't ask me how. We couldn't stop laughing.  As it turns out our direction would have been right had we been on the other side of the subway.   It was funny because Nicole and I were both accusing the other of leading us in the wrong direction when in reality we were both wrong. 

The second was when we were trying to find the Seinfeld diner and accidentally got off in East Harlem and had scary men yelling at us. Our game plan was to stuff all our valuables in our bras and get the heck out of there. Luckily we finally made it to the Seinfeld diner....

When we weren't walking we were riding the subway.  I loved seeing all the talent (for the most part) perform.  It seemed as though everyone had thought of a different way to catch your attention.  I saw everything from a man playing what appeared to be a fishing pole in Chinatown to three homeboys doing all sorts of flips on the subway car, warranting dirty looks from sour faced women.  We did end up seeing some real shows...
Kaitlans Comedy Show

Memphis on Broadway

Ellens Singing Diner best chicken pot pie EVER!

3. Acting Stupid
 This is one thing that Nicole and I are good at and we found lots of opportunities to do just that.

Nicole and I also took the train to Washington D.C.  and stayed in hostels for two days.  While I can't say that D.C. was one of my favorite places, they did have some pretty awesome museums to mess around in...

April 15-24, 2011