Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Zoo

I went to the zoo with my parents today.  
 I felt like I was five again, 
probably because I acted like I was five again.

I made sure to run around and climb on everything I saw.
And tried to get my mom to do the same thing.

And she did!
(When there weren't too many people around.)

My Dad, on the other hand, wasn't feelin it.

But, I did get him to have a little fun.

After the zoo we went to visit my Grandpa Wilson.
When he saw this picture he couldn't believe that I was riding an actual crocodile, in Mexico. 
(Don't ask me where the Mexico part came from)

I didn't correct him so he must think I'm pretty cool.
That's good cause I think he's pretty cool too.

My name is Lindsey Wilson.
I am a zoo enthusiast.
 I am 23.
And I am a Mormon.

Thursday October 13, 2011