Sunday, June 26, 2011


I can check another one off the bucket list because this Saturday Eden, Linzie, Tottie and I were in a flash mob.  It was pretty much the coolest thing ever.  We danced to Beyonces song Move Your Body at Taylorsville Dayzz with several hundred other people.  I am sure there are a billion terrible pictures/videos floating around of me and my bad dance moves because everyone had their cameras and cell phones out taking pictures. awkward.  In fact I cam across a video on youtube...

After the flash mob we decided to go to the drive in movies but not before taking this nerdy super man picture.
 When my brother saw this picture he asked if I was going as a KKK member with Friar Tuck as my sidekick. Tottie told him to go harass someone else like Trey Thompson aka Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover.  Extreme Makeover is doing a house in my brothers neighborhood and my brother was set on harassing Ty for keeping him up at all hours of the night with all the building that is going on.  The only problem is that my brother can never remember his name and keeps calling him names like Chad Pennington, Tad Pendelton, or Trey Thompson.  Anyways heres the conversation, I couldn't stop laughing.

June 26, 2011