Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pudding, Underwear, Convertible

I never thought that I would be able to say that I have driven home in a convertible, in my underwear, covered in pudding, but Nicole and I did just that on Saturday night.  
(I also never thought I would use those three words in the same sentence)

After watching fireworks at Draper Days with these girls...
Tottie, Libby, Nicole, Me, Julie, Jenny

we met up with these girls + one fling pudding at each other

We decided to do a pudding pyramid.  Jasmine, Me, Cole, Matt, Brook, Linze, Maryna

I do not know why Jasmines hand is on my thigh...

I love these girls!

It was so much fun and now I know that getting pudding flung in your eye is not the best but, getting pudding flung in your mouth is delightful.  After we had tons of fun we tried to wash ourselves off in the sprinklers...COLD.  That didn't work out so well so Nicole and I decided that the best option would be to take our clothes off, so we did just that.  I am just glad that we didn't get pulled over or get in an accident. Although,  I guess it would have been a great story for our funerals had we crashed that night.
July 16, 2011