Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I Were Filthy Rich...

When I went shopping, I would have the store close down so that I didn't have to use the dressing rooms. Is it just me or is it really annoying to have to keep putting on your pants every time you want to leave the dressing room?

I would buy a dolphin. Yes a dolphin. Where would I keep it? In my dolphin sustainable swimming pool of course!

I would get tickets for my brother and I to sit courtside for all the Suns games. I would also buy him his above the ground coffin thing complete with the recliner and TV that he requested.

For my dad, a library full of books. And a rocking chair on his front porch so that he can successfully become that crazy old man that yells at all the neighborhood kids passing by.

My mom would get the worlds best coupon book. Sounds cheap but that is because you haven't seen how excited my mom gets over coupons.

I would buy enough small spoons and aprons so that when we run out Amie will not have to take the big spoon and the dishtowel.

For Amie I would buy her a house next to mine with a fully equipped cake shop in the basement for all her baking experiments. It would be better than Ace of Cakes. I would also buy her a prince charming but unfortunately he does not come with a price tag. Sorry Ames.

Tarah would get a new longboard and Matt Costa. He would serenade her everyday.

I would build the worlds biggest closet so that it could contain all my shoes.

I would buy a house for my friends that they could come and go as they please. When you walk in there would be a chocolate fountain there to welcome you.

I would build a preschool, and a restaurant.

I would hire a driver to drive me and my limo around everywhere. I would be his co-pilot and we would sing to there radio together wherever we went. I would only hang out in the back if I wanted to sleep.

I would get a jet that had all my favorite people and things painted on it. You know there is going to be guacamole on it and that spokesguy for Mac. For some reason I have an unexplainable crush on him.

Unfortunately I am not filthy rich so Ames must settle with the big spoon, I will continue to wear my pants while shopping and it is not very likely that you will ever see a jet with the Mac spokesguy on it. How disappointing.