Thursday, March 31, 2011


Thursday night I got to drive a spaceship...okay maybe it wasn't a spaceship but it sure looked like on from the inside. Maybe I need to rewind. My roomate Jalise has a brother that works up at the ski resorts up in Park City where he drives a Snow Cats for work. Don't feel stupid if you don't know what a Snow Cat is because I didn't know what one was either until about a week ago.  They are the giant machines that "groom" (Jalise always corrects me when I use the word shovel) the ski trails.

(Snow Cat)

We were invited to come up and ride in them, only problem was that the only time that we could go was in the middle of the night because that is when her brother grooms the trails.  Considering that this opportunity was too rare and exceptionally random to pass up, I was ok with going to work as a zombie the next day due to staying out until 3:30am.  So around 12am Jalise and I headed up to Park City.

Jalise calling AAA.

All I have to say is you know you are going to have a good time when you start off your night calling AAA.  I think that Jalise was just so excited when her brother pulled up in that massive machine that she left her keys in the ignition.  The best part was that she made sure to lock all the doors before doing so.  We made a quick call to AAA and then decided to go for a ride on the snow cats while we waited for the locksmith to come.

Me driving a Snow Cat

After driving around for awhile and hearing all about Snow Cats I got the chance to drive the Cat all by myself, a decision that was probably regretted by Jalises brother soon after I took control.  I decided that my turn was over around the time that I was told how much the Snow Cat cost.  Luckily I didn't wreck, break, or ruin anything.

After driving and taking lots of ridiculous pictures Jalise and I decided to head home.  I rolled into bed sometime after 3:30am or 4:00am.  I can't really remember I am pretty sure by then I was already asleep.  Surprisingly enough the next day at work wasn't too bad, other than being a living zombie.
Thursday March 31, 2011