Saturday, March 19, 2011

Late Bloomer

So remember how I had the urge to buy a goldfish but ended up with a guinea pig instead? Life has a funny way of giving you what you want... I didn't just get one goldfish...

I got 84...

in my bathtub.


In order to understand how this all came about you would have to go back about 6 years to my junior year in high school. Prom night. That would be the night I spent with Nicole at Walmart because we were both losers and nobody wanted to ask us out. Ever since that night Nicole and I have talked about how we felt like we never really experienced high school thus never really emotionally graduated. Again life has a funny way of giving you what you want because it just so happened that our singles ward was putting on an 80's prom. Not my first choice but I will take what I can get.

The funny thing is that when the announcement was made that prom was going to be held, sitting right in the middle of Nicole and I was the one guy who had always said that he would have taken us to prom had he known us in high school. Shawn Larsen.

Like two crazy people Nicole and I, at the same time, immediately looked to Shawn like we were starving little Ethiopian children that saw piece of bread. I am sure Shawn freaked out inside when he saw the crazy in our eyes but let's be honest he couldn't have said no and made it out alive.

The only problem was

one guy
two girls.

Again luck struck and Jared (Nicole's brother) made the stupid mistake of telling me he would have asked me to prom had he known me in high school. Which brings us to the goldfish. All 84 of them.

I came home to a message on the white board out in our kitchen.

Upon entering my bathroom I see the fish with this little note...

I had officially been asked to prom at the age of 22. (And I don't count the time that that lesbian asked me to be her date to gay and lesbian prom.) I almost cried. Almost. Not only was I finally going to prom but I was going with Nicole and two of our best guy friends. I quickly responded with a candy bar poster that went something like this
I Pan!
(I taped a pan to the poster)
You can be my sugar daddy(insert Sugar Daddy here)
Ill be your lil' piece (insert Reeses Pieces here)
We can Mamba all night (insert Mamba there)
and I will shower you with kisses (tape a bag of Kisses here)

It was official! Then of course Nicole and I had all of the typical "prom things" to figure out. What dresses we were going to wear, makeup, where we were going to go to dinner, etc.

Nicole and I tried our best to hide the crazy. I would say we did pretty well other than that one night around 2am when things got really weird, but we won't speak of that. Oh and there might of been a time where I creeped Jared out all the way up until prom. I decided to act like a typical highschooler around him all the way up until the special day. Hey! I had to get the full experience. He was a good sport by playing along.

Anyways, I started to mildly freak out because I didn't think I was going to find a dress until Nicole came home from the D.I. with a $6.00 circus tent that was supposedly a dress. I tried it on and I seriously looked like a tube of toothpaste. I wish I had a before picture because Nicole is a miracle worker she turned that pillowcase into a beautiful dress.

We were all set! We had our dresses, dates and so we were off to dinner. We decieded to go to Macaroni Grill afterwhich we went to the dance with only about a half hour or so left. (The boys wanted to make it as much like a real prom as they could). And of course they said that they had "curfews" to stick to.

Me, Jared, Nicole, Shawn, Jalise, Spencer

Me and Jared

After the dance the boys did the whole doorstep scene, even though they were coming inside with us to hang out. After acting out the most awkward doorstep scene that we possibly could (with everyone in the car still watching us) I went inside. When the door closed I had officially graduated, 6 years later. Let's just say I am a little slower than most.

March 19, 2011